A lot of people do not realize it, but for home health care to be successful, it needs to be treated as a partnership from day one. If you or your loved one have never experienced home health care services, you may not know what to expect. During the first day of in-home health services, it is all about establishing familiarity, comfort, and ultimately a bond between the caregiver and patient. There needs to be chemistry between the patient and caregiver, as this helps to set the foundation moving forward.

Keep reading to learn what you and your loved one can expect on the first day of in-home health services.

Discussing the Patient

Prior to the caregiver arriving, make sure that you have a list of any questions that you would like to ask composed as well as a list of any needs that your loved one requires. The caregiver will want to speak about your loved one's medical and daily routines, their likes and dislikes, their necessities, etc. The caregiver will be happy to answer any questions that you and your loved one has.

Creating a Home Health Care Plan

When the home health aid arrives, they may have representatives from the company with them. The reason for this is to make sure that you are satisfied with everything and that all the paperwork has been completed. After this, you should expect to begin the discussion of the home health care plan. Don't take this discussion a way of being told of how you are going to be cared for; instead, you should consider it as a collaborative effort.

You and your loved one should inform the caregiver of your preferences and needs so that the expertise of the caregiver can be applied. This serves as your opportunity to build a relationship with the caregiver. Remember, they are there to listen and provide care while ensuring that your loved one is healthy and happy.

Touring the Home

As soon as things get in order a bit, it is important to give the caregiver a tour of the home. Let the caregiver know if there are any areas that are off-limits, if there are certain tasks that your loved one will need assistance with, and how your loved one likes certain tasks handled. Show the caregiver where everything is — medicine, medical equipment, etc. This first day is not only about getting to know one another but also becoming familiar with the home.

If you need to know more about what to expect or how to prepare for the first day, contact a home health care service in your area.