If you have an elderly parent that is getting older and you live far away, this can make things difficult for you. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure your parent is well cared for, two of which are listed below.

Live-In Care

If your parent is at the point where they cannot do much on their own, such as taking care of their personal needs, as well as other things, live-in care is a good option for you. This person would live with your parent at all times. They could take care of your parent's personal needs, helping with bathing, dressing, brushing their teeth, and more if needed. The live-in care professional can often do housework and even cook meals for your parent.

When it comes to live-in care, it can be difficult to find someone that you can trust. Because of this, go through an agency that provides live-in care workers. These agencies do complete background checks on their employees. They also check their qualifications and credentials. This way you will know the person working in your parent's house will be qualified. You may simply need someone to sit with your parent and help care for them. You may need more than this, such as someone that is in nursing or another medical field. You should consider coming to your parent's home so you can interview this person on your own.

Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

If your parent has a disease and cannot do much on their own, a nursing home may be a good choice for them. A nursing home will have professionals on staff to help take care of your parent. They can cater to their needs specifically. For example, if your parent has dementia, you can find nursing homes that work with dementia patients. You do need to do your research on nursing homes in the area to ensure your parent will be happy there.

If your parent is still able to do some things on their own, an assisted living facility may be a good option. With this, your parent will live in an apartment or small home on the property. They can then have assistance with things they need and do other things on their own.

Talk with your parent about this information to see what they would be the most comfortable with.

To learn more, contact a resource like Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care Inc.